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Strategic Information Security Consulting

Policy Revitalization

Many organizations are simply overwhelmed with the day-to-day operational aspects of Cyber Security to even think about Information Security Policy. Most are out of date, mixed with standards and procedures and hard to read and follow. This does not have to be the case.

Assessments & Reviews

CISO's. CIO's and even Board of Directors need to have a clear understanding of their organization's Information Security position. An assessment can provide insights into things that staff may not be aware of and put the organizations data and operations at risk.

Governance & Compliance

Without comprehensive IT Governance structures in place, IT organizations run the risk of giving less attention to critical parts of the IT function and thereby jeopardizing business function. Compliance links directly to Governance and provides the basis for an enterprise to ensure that they are focusing on the most important areas and minimizing compliance overlap.

Comprehensive Information Security is no longer optional

It may not be IF, but WHEN an entity compromises your data.

Talk to us today about the Strategic IT Security Services we can offer to help you lower your data disclosure risk.

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Managing Director, Service Assurance
Short Term Executive Management
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InfoSec & Risk Management
Information Security & Risk Management Engagement
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IT Governance, Risk & Compliance
An IT Governance, Risk & Compliance Engagement

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We specialize in IT Security, Governance & Strategic IT Initiatives

In an ever increasing online world, it is imperative that enterprises ensure that they are focusing their energies on the things that not only minimize their risk, but increase their ability to detect issues when they happen.

There is no silver-bullet to halt Information Security incidents, but there is much enterprises can do to be prepared when they do. Are you ready?

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