Advisory and Risk Assessment

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Client: Crown Corporation
Savant Advisory Inc. was engaged to undertake three distinct projects: Data Center Design review, Technical Architecture and a Risk Assessment.

It's a daunting task when an organization decides to build/move data centers. This was no exception. The organization had hired and external firm to design and build their new data center environment. A number of steps have taken place before Savant Advisory Inc. was retained to act as a third pair of eyes on the design deliverables. We worked directly with the CISO and the IT Leadership Team to help ensure that all the relevant items were covered. The firm that did the work was exceptionally well prepared and proposed an excellent design.

At the same time, the organization was working on launching a new service that was similar to one they already provided, however the audience for this new service would be much larger. There was some desire to alter the architecture to something that the organization had been experimenting with. Work was undertaken to show the risks associated with both forms of design and was provided to the IT Leadership through a report and a presentation.

The enterprise also wanted to understand the ranking of the services that were offered to the corporation. Savant Advisory Inc. devised a process that included interviews with stakeholder and a series of questions that would help to determine the relative importance of the offerings. Once the interviews were completed, the results were computed and presented in the form of a report to the organization. This was further utilized as part of the Data Center move project, helping the organization to quantitatively identify the most important services.